Math Lab: One-on-One 

Through the efforts and creation of Dr. Newport and Dean Brvenik, General Education and Interdisciplinary Studies launched the Math exploratory laboratories, empowering students to work alongside math and research scholars, to experience success in their courses throughout their academic journeys.

The Office of the Dean of Academics and General Education Studies welcomes the opportunity for students to work alongside a passionate and seasoned academic scholar: Bill Pandit, Ph.D.

Please t
ake a minute to welcome 
Dr. Pandit, as our math lab director. (Best smile on campus!) He has made a monumental effort to improve the learning experience, and thus, the success of students navigating our math courses/lab. And he has transformed, quite notably, the narrative among our students about taking math on campus. You can find him in the faculty lounge area, and we will be prepping a memo this week regarding his vision, tutorial availability, and office hours. Furthermore, our math lab task force will meet this month to continue planning and communicating about the math lab experience and learning outcomes.     


Reach out to Dr. Pandit for student assistance and information, connected to quantitative research and math projects. 


Thank you.




Erica Newport, Ph.D.

Communication Studies and Sciences

Program Chair, General Education and Interdisciplinary Studies
Interim Chair, Psychology